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Portability and Interoperability

In Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s March 2019 op-ed in the Washington Post calling for federal regulation of technology, he included something that caught some observers by surprise:

Regulation should guarantee the principle of data portability. If you share data with one service, you should be....
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How to Read: Lots of Inputs and a Strong Filter

My reading strategy is to start as many books as I can but finish few of them.

Years ago I heard Charlie Munger say “Most books I don’t read past the first chapter. I’m not burdened by bad books,” and it stuck with me. Reading is a chore if you insist on finishing every book you begin, because....
12/02 193

The Complete Guide to Mastery

The great wave off kanagawa by hokusai

Katsushika Hokusai’s “The Great Wave off Kanagawa” is one of the most recognizable works of Japanese art in the world. Completed in 1831, it’s Hokusai’s most famous work.

“The Great Wave off Kanagawa” by Katsushika Hokusai

What you might not know is that it took him nearly 30 years to paint it.....
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I almost sold Baremetrics for $5m

tl;dr In the past 6 months I turned down multiple $3-5m offers and failed to close a $5m sale.

In the past six years of Baremetrics’ existence, I’ve received dozens upon dozens of emails from folks interested in acquiring Baremetrics. When you’rerunning a transparent companythat’s growing, it....
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Stop Obsessing Over Sleep—Your Brain Will Thank You

Worrying about sleep is perhaps the most counterproductive thing you can do, no matter how many gadgets try to tell you otherwise.
12/01 2148

I Ditched Google for DuckDuckGo. Here's Why You Should Too

Once you realize most things you search for online are boring and obvious, you realize you don't really need Google in your life.
12/01 1777

How Overexcited Neurons Might Affect How You Age

New research makes a molecular connection between the brain and aging—and shows that overactive neurons can shorten life span.
11/30 1266

Oil is the New Data


I remember being nervous when I flew into Atyrau, Kazakhstan. Before boarding the flight, one of the business managers who organized the trip sent me a message with precise instructions on how to navigate the local airport:

Once you land, get into the bus on the right side of the driver. This....
11/25 836

Introducing our Startup Handbook

Screen shot 2019 11 25 at 11.00.33 am 700x896

Over the past ten years, we have invested in and worked with close to 100 startups. Along the way, we have seen teams, ideas, and practices work spectacularly well. And, we’ve seen others that didn’t work out as expected.

We decided to take the experiences and insights learned over the past....
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Best in 11/18 - 11/24


How our home delivery habit reshaped the world


The great trick of online retail has been to get us to shop more and think less about how our purchases reach our homes. By Samanth Subramanian

A decade ago, the British department-store chain John Lewis built itself a long warehouse, painted in gradations of sky blue. The shed, as it is called....
11/21 5659

Integration and Monopoly

Clean macbook

When I started Stratechery in 2013, the conventional wisdom was that modularized ecosystems were best. After all, Microsoft had just spent the last thirty years dominating the tech industry by dominating the operating system layer and benefiting from competition everywhere else in the stack.....
11/18 871

Google Shakes Up Its 'TGIF'—and Ends Its Culture of Openness

Amid leaks and protests, CEO Sundar Pichai is drastically shrinking the company-wide meeting that was once a symbol of Google's idealism.
11/19 742

Why the Tesla Cybertruck Looks So Weird

The pickup truck Elon Musk unveiled Thursday night features sharp angles, but no side mirrors or “crumple zone” to absorb the force of a collision.
11/23 680

Star Wars: The Complete WIRED Guide

How the impossible, sprawling, everlasting universe came to be.
11/22 668

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The Strange Life and Mysterious Death of a Virtuoso Coder

Jerold Haas was on the brink of blockchain riches. Then his body was found in the woods of southern Ohio.
11/14 5531

The best wireless headphones to buy right now

Bose, Sennheiser, Sony, Beats, and more
11/16 2105

The Google Squeeze

Stratechery 2019 11 12 23.30.18 1024x336

In 3Q 2014 Google had $16.5 billion in revenue and $2.8 billion in profit. I proceeded to write an article entitled Peak Google. Fast forward to last quarter, and Google had $36 billion in revenue and $6.7 billion in profit, increases of 118% and 139% respectively. It is difficult to imagine....
11/12 2065

Firefox’s fight for the future of the web


With Google’s Chrome dominating the market, not-for-profit rival Mozilla is staking a comeback on its dedication to privacy

Why do you choose the browser you use? Maybe you think it loads pages more quickly. Maybe it’s made by the same firm as your device and you think it’s more compatible in....
11/17 1547

The Science Is Extremely Clear: You Need to Prioritize Sleep

The more scientists learn about the slumbering brain, the more they realize how vital sleep actually is. Now some researchers hope to develop it into a form of medicine.
11/12 1156