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If Likes No Longer Matter on Social Media, Then What Does?

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You’ve probably heard the news: Instagram is in the process of removing like counts from posts in the Instagram feed.

At first blush, this might appear to be a massive change. They’re removing one of the most recognizable elements of social proof that’s ever existed. Likes are the way that we....
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Show Your Work: How to Justify Your Decisions & Get Stakeholder Buy-In

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Last month, I spoke at Mind the Product San Francisco. The following transcript is how the speech was written and does not match the talk exactly. I’ll add the video to this post as soon as Mind the Product makes it available.

I want you to take a minute—think back to elementary school when....
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Why You Should Stop Trying to Be Happy at Work

Find meaning in your job instead.
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To Be Happier at Work, Invest More in Your Relationships

Both inside and outside the office.
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The Complete Guide to Deep Work

Image 1 1 Illustration by @margaridamouta

Let’s get right to the point: bouncing between your inbox, pointless meetings, and group chat notifications is no way to get ahead in today’s information economy.

These are markers of busyness not productivity. They won’t help you to deepen your writing practice,....
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Three Years of Misery Inside Google, the Happiest Company in Tech

Sexual harassment. Hate speech. Employee walkouts. The Silicon Valley giant is trapped in a war against itself. And there’s no end in sight.
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8 Ways Leaders Delegate Successfully

Start by picking the right person for the job.
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A Major Proof Shows How to Approximate Numbers Like Pi

The ancient Greeks wondered when irrational numbers, like pi, can be represented with fractions. Two mathematicians now have a complete answer.
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The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working. What Can We Do About It?

To be an employee in white collar America is to feel overwhelmed—by email, by workloads, by deadlines, and by the never-ending expectation to do more. It’d be one thing if we actually ended up accomplishing more at the end of the day, but since the 1990s worker productivity across the world has....
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The Phony Patriots of Silicon Valley

Top tech companies are rallying around the flag. How opportunistic of them.
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The End of Mobile
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The Laws of Investing

Think of how big the world is. And how good animals are at hiding. Now think about a biologist whose job it is to determine whether a species has gone extinct.

Not an easy thing to do.

A group of Australian biologists once discovered something remarkable. More than a third of all mammals deemed....
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Google open-sources Live Transcribe’s speech engine

Google live transcribe sound event save transcripts Google has open-sourced the speech engine that powers its Android speech recognition transcription tool Live Transcribe on GitHub.Read More
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Joint Speech Recognition and Speaker Diarization via Sequence Transduction

Image2 Posted by Laurent El Shafey, Software Engineer and Izhak Shafran, Research Scientist, Google Health

Being able to recognize “who said what,” or speaker diarization, is a critical step in understanding audio of human dialog through automated means. For instance, in a medical conversation between....
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The Biggest Mistakes First-Time Founders Make

Y Combinator CEO and Partner Michael Seibel on the biggest mistakes first-time founders make.

Topics 00:10 – Solving a problem you don’t care about 1:00 – Helping users you don’t care about 1:40 – Choosing cofounders you don’t know well 2:20 – Not having transparent conversations with your....
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The (not so) hidden cost of sharing code between iOS and Android

Code sharing highlight

Until very recently, Dropbox had a technical strategy on mobile of sharing code between iOS and Android via C++. The idea behind this strategy was simple—write the code once in C++ instead of twice in Java and Objective C. We adopted this C++ strategy back in 2013, when our mobile engineering....
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Amazon offered vendors ‘Amazon’s Choice’ labels in return for ad spending and lower prices

Amazon has previously offered vendors the ability to “bid” for an Amazon’s Choice badge by lowering prices and spending more money on advertising, bringing into sharper focus how the program, which recently came under fire from senators, actually works.

It’s unclear whether or not this offer....
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Why We Dropped “Fun” as a Core Value

And how, as a result, we’re having more fun than ever. “Have fun.” She stared at me. “Go ahead. Just have fun.” I wasn’t sure how to respond. “Having fun yet?” I was talking with my sister, Elizabeth, and she was helping me come to an embarrassing realization. Groove’s “Core Values”—the ones I....
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Actually, Gender-Neutral Pronouns Can Change a Culture

In 2012 a nongendered pronoun dropped into Swedish discourse. Today it's widely used—and it's nudging people to see the world a little differently.
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Staying Connected is Key to Your Startup’s Survival — Here’s How to Nail Internal Comms

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Even the smallest startups have a lot to gain from getting internal comms right. We've rounded up the Review's six most effective tactics for crafting crystal-clear messaging and facilitating feedback from your most important audience.
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