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Tor Is Easier Than Ever. Time to Give It a Try

Been curious about Tor but worried it's too complicated to use? Good news: The anonymity service is more accessible than ever.
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Here are the three types of problems edge computing solutions are helping to combat across industries


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Edge computing solutions are key tools that help companies grapple with rising data volumes across industries.....
01/01 916

How to Drive Traffic to a Brand-New Site with Little to No Money


I know what you are going through.

You were excited to launch your brand-new site until you realized no one is coming to it.

So, you head to all of the marketing blogs to learn how to fix this, but for the life of you, your traffic won’t go up no matter which tactic you leverage.

What you’re....
01/02 914

Blockchain Can Wrest the Internet From Corporations' Grasp

Opinion: It's time to restore the open source, community-led ethos of the original internet—with crypto.
01/04 913

Big Tech Is Here to Help You Fight Excessive Phone Use—Kinda

How Google, Apple, and Facebook turned "digital wellness" into a Goopified trend that gives them a new way to market themselves.
2018/12/31 909

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11 Fantastic Science Books to Binge Over the Holidays

Snuggle up with your favorite display technology and ignite your neurons with these recommended science books from 2018.
2018/12/25 992

The Streaming Wars Began in 2018—and They'll Only Get Worse

From Marvel cancellations to 'Friends' scares, this year was just the beginning of a long, grueling siege.
2018/12/27 992

How to browse the web securely and privately

Getty web private

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So you want to browse the web securely and privately? Here’s a hard truth: it’s almost impossible.

It’s not just your internet provider that knows which sites you visit, it’s also the government — and other governments! And when it’s not them, it’s social media sites, ad networks or....
2018/12/25 964

Forget New Year’s Resolutions and Conduct a ‘Past Year Review’ Instead

Tfs essentialism blog

I’m often asked about how I approach New Year’s resolutions. The truth is that I no longer approach them at all, even though I did for decades. Why the change? I have found “past year reviews” (PYR) more informed, valuable, and actionable than half-blindly looking forward with broad....
2018/12/28 950

Design Thinking, Lean Startup and Agile: What is the difference?

2018/12/28 923

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The 2018 Stratechery Year in Review

Paper.stratechery year one.243 1024x768

In last year’s Stratechery Year in Review I noted that the predominant theme was the impact of tech on society; perhaps unsurprisingly, the dominant theme in 2018 was tech and regulation.

This year I wrote 139 Daily Updates (including tomorrow) and 40 Weekly Articles, and, as per tradition,....
2018/12/19 984

What to say if you get asked these tricky interview questions

P 1 10 tough interview questions and answers

These questions are designed to stump you. But with a little bit of preparation, you can give answers that impress the hiring manager

I love a thought-provoking conversation as much as anyone, but when you’re trying to put your best foot forward in a job interview, chances are you’re holding....
2018/12/23 979

Gaming chat startup Discord raises $150M, surpassing $2B valuation

Chatty gamers are apparently worth billions.

Discord, the gaming chat startup with more than 200 million active users, announced Friday that it had secured $150 million in funding at a $2.05 billion valuation. The round was led by Greenoaks Capital with participation from Firstmark, Tencent,....
2018/12/21 945

Inside Shenzhen’s race to outdo Silicon Valley

Shenzhen flooded the world with cheap gadgets. Can it now become what Silicon Valley never did—a global hub of innovation, entrepreneurship, and manufacturing?
2018/12/18 943

How China’s Elite APT10 Hackers Stole the World’s Secrets

A new DOJ indictment outlines how Chinese hackers allegedly compromised data from companies in a dozen countries in a single intrusion.
2018/12/20 942

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Consumer Startups Around the Corner
2018/12/10 927

Consumer startups are awesome, and here’s what I’m looking for at a16z (70 slide deck)

A16z summit lp consumer growth a chen v10b.001 1024x576

Above: New technology has always captivated consumers!

Dear readers,

I’m often asked- so what kind of startups are you investing in at Andreessen Horowitz? And since I’m focused mostly on consumer companies – is there anything exciting happening? After all, if we’re “between” platforms, and....
2018/12/10 927

Self-Driving Cars: The Complete Guide

The complete history of autonomous vehicles, from their birth in a chaotic skunkworks race to their future as a global industry.
2018/12/13 925

The Dynamics of Network Effects

The most successful companies and products of the internet era have all been predicated on the concept of network effects, where the network becomes more valuable to users as more people use it. This is as true of companies …
2018/12/14 918

A Recap of Frontend Development in 2018

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The world of frontend development moves fast. Very fast. This article will recap the most…
2018/12/11 914