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The Dark Forest Theory of the Internet

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Why the dark forests of the internet—podcasts, newsletters…
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Investing in the Podcast Ecosystem in 2019

In the world of podcasting, the flywheel is spinning: new technologies including AirPods, connected cars, and smart speakers have made it much easier for consumers to listen to audio content, which in turn creates more revenue and financial opportunity for …
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China, Leverage, and Values

Tim Culpan declared at Bloomberg that The Tech Cold War Has Begun after the Trump administration barred companies viewed as national security threats from selling to the U.S., and blocked U.S. companies from selling to Huawei specifically without explicit permission. Culpan writes:

The prospect....
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More productive Git

Tips for acquiring Git super powers.
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Open source beyond the market


Keynote on the topic of open source, markets, debts, purpose, and no less than the meaning of life. Delivered at RailsConf 2019. Also available as a long read below.

In Debt: The First 5,000 Years, anthropologist David Graeber explores the fascinating history of debt and economies.

It starts....
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Can “Indie” Social Media Save Us?

Cal Newport on the IndieWeb’s answer to social-media giants like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter: decentralized platforms, including Mastodon and
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How To Get Into Product Management (And Thrive) ✨


Figure out if this role is for you, how to makethe…
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So You Think You’re Ready to Hire a Marketer? Read This First.

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As First Round’s Marketing Expert in Residence, Arielle Jackson often helps early-stage founders navigate the search for a full-time marketer of their own. From the when and the why to the who and the how, Jackson offers a crash course on every aspect of the marketer hiring process to help....
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Employing QUIC Protocol to Optimize Uber’s App Performance

Uber operates on a global scale across more than 600 cities, with our apps relying entirely on wireless connectivity from over 4,500 mobile carriers. To deliver the real-time performance expected from Uber’s users, our mobile apps require low-latency and highly …
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We Don’t Need Social Media


Instead of wishing for better kinds of social platforms, we should question…
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How to Become a Strategic Leader

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My career at Facebook started in 2006 as its first intern. Three years later, I became a rookie manager at the age of 25. Today, I manage an organization of hundreds of people. This path has brought countless new challenges, mistakes, and lessons, many of which are laid out in my new book, ....
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LinkedIn is the New Craigslist

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The Coming Hyper-verticalization of Labor Marketplaces
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Google Fights Back

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For a company famed for its engineering culture, you wouldn’t expect a video at Google’s annual I/O developer conference to have such emotional resonance. And yet, just watch (I have included the context around the video in question, which starts at the 2:33 mark):

“I liked that very much.”

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Paralyzed by Perfectionism? Try Rethinking Your To-Do List

Todo list image 1 Illustration by @margaridamouta

Perfectionism has, time and again, undermined my efforts to achieve what’s most important to me. Until recently, I put off pursuing what I longed to do — exploring a career change and moving abroad — because I imagined all of the ways I might fail or be....
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Empathy-Driven Development: How Engineers Can Tap into This Critical Skill

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Andrea Goulet is determined to change the way that the tech industry talks about empathy. After teaching us how to conquer technical debt, the CEO of Corgibytes returns to the Review to explain why empathy is technical skill, and how engineers can leverage this powerful tool in their practice.
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The Complete Guide to Deep Work

Image 1 1 Illustration by @margaridamouta

Let’s get right to the point: bouncing between your inbox, pointless meetings, and group chat notifications is no way to get ahead in today’s information economy.

These are markers of busyness not productivity. They won’t help you to deepen your writing practice,....
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Python at Netflix


By Pythonistas at Netflix, coordinated by Amjith Ramanujam and edited by Ellen Livengood

As many of us prepare to go to PyCon, we wanted to share a sampling of how Python is used at Netflix. We use Python through the full content lifecycle, from deciding which content to fund all the way to....
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Make Friends With the Monster Chewing on Your Leg, and Other Tips for Surviving Startups

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After telling us to 'Give Away your Legos,' Molly Graham is back to dig deeper into tactics for handling the emotional rollercoaster of scaling startups. Here, she shares the strategies she used at the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Quip and Facebook to keep her head on straight and defang three....
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One-on-ones are my most valuable meetings; here’s how I run them

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