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Updated: Formulas for Bayesian A/B Testing

I’ve added several new formulas to “A Formula for A/B Testing” (now known as Formulas for Bayesian A/B Testing). In addition to including the count data formula on the page, I have extended both formulas to work with three-pronged tests, that is, A/B/C tests.
2015/10/03 532

Airbnb and San Francisco

Airbnb has recently been attacked by San Francisco politicians for driving up the price of housing in the city. San Francisco has tried, and will continue to try, to ban Airbnb in various ways. Last week, this excellent post was published on Prop F—“the Airbnb law”.

I recently reached out to....
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Developer Turned Manager

In February of 2015, I was promoted to Engineering Manager at Stack Overflow. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.

There are tons of things I’ve learned so far, some of which I’ve learned the hard way. There’s also a world of difference between....
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10 years blogging

Thoughts on blogging and why I'm still doing it This RSS feed only shows excerpts. Please visit the website for the original article as intended: 10 years blogging
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Evaluating Splatoon’s Ranking System

Evaluating Splatoon’s Ranking System — Using probability theory to uncover a subtle bug in Splatoon.
2015/07/21 156

The two goals of startup fundraising

Money’s been flowing. VCs have been investing money at levels not seen since the bubble year of 2000. Entrepreneurs have been raising enormous amounts of money at valuations that assume years of future growth and eventual profitability. So what’s the downside of all this? That entrepreneurs....
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