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How to Be Awesome (Part 2)


How do you describe yourself to potential employers? Many developers get this terribly wrong.

In part 1 of this blog post I talked about getting a better job by building awesome stuff. In this part, I’ll talk about how to communicate your awesomeness.

Write for humans

Applying for a job normally....
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Thank you, Y Combinator

Dear friends-

I wanted to let you know I am stepping away from YC. I've been involved at YC since early 2011 and in that time it has been my privilege to work with over 600 startups and over a thousand founders. It would be impossible for me to have predicted the success the team has achieved....
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Busy, but not productive

The founders we meet each month are always passionate, ambitious and determined. And they’re always working like mad. But too often, especially as of late, I find that they’re making little to no progress despite their endless work. This isn’t because their ideas are bad, their teams are weak or....
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Simple Sequential A/B Testing

Cut your A/B sample sizes in half, using this one weird trick: Simple Sequential A/B Testing
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