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The China Cultural Clash


It all started with a tweet:

“It” refers to the current imbroglio surrounding Daryl Morey, the General Manager for the Houston Rockets of the National Basketball Association (NBA), and the latter’s dealings with China. The tweet, a reference to the ongoing protests in Hong Kong, “hurt the....
10/08 2921

A Short Guide to Building Your Team’s Critical Thinking Skills

Critical thinking isn’t an innate skill. It can be learned.
10/11 2151

Planting Tiny Spy Chips in Hardware Can Cost as Little as $200

A new proof-of-concept hardware implant shows how easy it may be to hide malicious chips inside IT equipment.
10/10 2124

An AI Pioneer Wants His Algorithms to Understand the 'Why'

Deep learning is good at finding patterns in reams of data, but can't explain how they're connected. Turing Award winner Yoshua Bengio wants to change that.
10/08 2087

How to Deal with Constantly Feeling Overwhelmed

Five strategies can help.
10/10 1449

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Collision course: why are cars killing more and more pedestrians?


For drivers, roads are safer than ever – but for people on foot, they are getting deadlier. Car companies and Silicon Valley claim that they have the solution. But is that too good to be true? By Peter C Baker

In 2010, the small community of specialists who pay attention to US road safety....
10/03 5438

Three Big Things: The Most Important Forces Shaping the World

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An irony of studying history is that we often know exactly how a story ends, but have no idea where it began.

Here’s an example. What caused the financial crisis?

Well, you have to understand the mortgage market.

What shaped the mortgage market? Well, you have to understand the 30-year decline....
10/04 2603

'We are hurtling towards a surveillance state’: the rise of facial recognition technology


It can pick out shoplifters, international criminals and lost children in seconds. But as the cameras proliferate, who’s watching the watchers?

Gordon’s wine bar is reached through a discreet side-door, a few paces from the slipstream of London theatregoers and suited professionals powering....
10/05 1720

Why we moved our Silicon Valley startup to Canada

Shutterstock 209461318 Relocating to Vancouver took us from near zero revenue and a handful of staff to a projected run rate of $55 million with 400-plus employees.Read More
10/05 1173

The Map and the Terrain

“To me it’s kinda funny, the attitude showing a n*&#a driving But don’t know where the fuck he’s going, just rolling”

—Easy E, “Straight Outta Compton”

Years ago, I remember yelling at my CFO Dave Conte. He built a financial …
10/02 915

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Why Are Rich People So Mean?

Call it 'Rich Asshole Syndrome'—the tendency to distance yourself from people with whom you have a large wealth differential.
09/26 7788

Killing Strategy: The Disruption Of Management Consulting

Chart 1 1024x633

The industries that have proven the most vulnerable to disruption have been those with:

One or a few major players Relativelyoutdated business practices Slowtechnology adoption

Oddly, management consulting is rarely named in discussions aboutindustries vulnerable to disruption (unless you ask....
09/24 4077

28 Ways to Find the Stillness You Need to Thrive

Ryan holiday

NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: The following is a guest post from Ryan Holiday (@RyanHoliday). Ryan is one of the world’s foremost thinkers and writers on ancient philosophy and its place in everyday life. He is a sought-after speaker and strategist and the author of many bestselling books, including ....
09/26 1906

Neither, and New: Lessons from Uber and Vision Fund

Stratechery 2019 09 13 05.11.13 1024x768

The first time I wrote about Uber was in June, 2014. The Wall Street Journal had posted a column entitled Uber’s $18.2B Valuation is a Head Scratcher, which led to an easy rejoinder: Why Uber is Worth $18.2 Billion. Given that Uber is today worth $53.2 billion on the open market, that one turned....
09/25 1647

The Secret to a Great Planning Process — Lessons from Airbnb and Eventbrite

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Poor planning can spell disaster for companies and sow distrust among teams. Drawing from their careers at Eventbrite and Airbnb, Lenny Rachitsky and Nels Gilbreth break down their "W Framework" to help startup leaders develop plans, earn alignment and execute effective planning cycles every....
09/25 1612

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Why Asking for Advice Is More Effective Than Asking for Feedback

According to results from four experiments.
09/20 8495

A Brutal Murder, a Wearable Witness, and an Unlikely Suspect

Karen Navarra was a quiet woman in her sixties who lived alone. She was found beaten to death. The neighbors didn't see anything. But her Fitbit did.
09/17 4452

Joel Spolsky and Clive Thompson discuss the past, present, and future of coding

Clive johnson and joel spolsky discussion 1200x675

Earlier this year, Clive Thompson, veteran technology journalist and best-selling author, stopped by Stack Overflow for a chat with our founder and CEO Joel Spolsky. Thompson’s latest book, Coders, is a wide ranging look at the past, present, and future of programmers. It’s a sort of....
09/17 3596

To Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking, Stop Thinking About Yourself

Tips for before and during your presentation.
09/17 2568

We Analyzed 14 Of The Biggest Direct-to-Consumer Success Stories To Figure Out The Secrets To Their Growth — Here’s What We Learned

D2c success feature image 0919 2019 1024x515

An explosion of new direct-to-consumer companiesis transforming how people shop. In the process, these brands, spanning everything from detergent to sneakers, are radically changing consumer preferences and expectations.

The 14 companies we’ll look at were born on platforms that have dominated....
09/19 2336