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A Brutal Murder, a Wearable Witness, and an Unlikely Suspect

Karen Navarra was a quiet woman in her sixties who lived alone. She was found beaten to death. The neighbors didn't see anything. But her Fitbit did.
09/17 2941

We Analyzed 14 Of The Biggest Direct-to-Consumer Success Stories To Figure Out The Secrets To Their Growth — Here’s What We Learned

D2c success feature image 0919 2019 1024x515

An explosion of new direct-to-consumer companiesis transforming how people shop. In the process, these brands, spanning everything from detergent to sneakers, are radically changing consumer preferences and expectations.

The 14 companies we’ll look at were born on platforms that have dominated....
09/19 2063

Day Two to One Day

Screen shot 2019 09 17 at 6.36.17 pm 1024x597

Jeff Bezos opened his 2016 letter to Amazon shareholders like this:

“Jeff, what does Day 2 look like?” That’s a question I just got at our most recent all-hands meeting. I’ve been reminding people that it’s Day 1 for a couple of decades. I work in an Amazon building named Day 1, and when I moved....
09/17 824

After 6 Years in Exile, Edward Snowden Explains Himself

In a new memoir and interview, the world’s most famous whistle-blower elucidates as never before why he stood up to mass surveillance—and his love for an internet that no longer exists.
09/16 715

AgileFall – When Waterfall Sneaks Back Into Agile

This article previously appeared in the Harvard Business Review

AgileFallis an ironic term for program management where you try to be agile and lean, but you keep using waterfall development techniques. It often produces a result that’s like combining a floor wax and dessert topping.

I just sat....
09/17 587

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California Bill Makes App-Based Companies Treat Workers as Employees

Legislation near final approval would affect drivers for ride-hailing services, food-delivery couriers, janitors and others now viewed as contractors.
09/11 3660

8 Things Leaders Do That Make Employees Quit

They’re some of the most expensive mistakes you can make.
09/10 3647

How Wi-Fi Almost Didn’t Happen

Opinion: Launched 20 years ago this week, Wi-Fi nearly hit a dead spot.
09/12 2128

What to Say When Your Employee Makes a Mistake

Focus on how to improve next time.
09/11 1611

The iPhone and Apple’s Services Strategy

32469 55904 screen shot 2019 08 29 at 120322 pm l 282x300

Editor’s Note: Stratechery was referenced in yesterday’s keynote. I had no knowledge of or awareness of this reference, and have no relationship with Apple, up-to-and-including not owning their stock individually, as explained in my ethics policy.

It is the normal course for Apple events to come....
09/11 1138

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The race to create a perfect lie detector – and the dangers of succeeding


AI and brain-scanning technology could soon make it possible to reliably detect when people are lying. But do we really want to know? By Amit Katwala

We learn to lie as children, between the ages of two and five. By adulthood, we are prolific. We lie to our employers, our partners and, most of....
09/05 5898

40 Favorite Interview Questions from Some of the Sharpest Folks We Know

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Given the high-stakes nature of every hire, interviewing chops are always in need of sharpening. We’ve spent the past few months reaching out to some of the most thoughtful company builders in our network to pose a simple question: What’s your favorite interview question to ask and why? Here are....
09/05 2724

Research: Being Nice in a Negotiation Can Backfire

Warm and friendly isn’t always the most lucrative approach.
09/06 2149

What Is a Tech Company?

At first glance, WeWork and Peloton, which both released their S-1s in recent weeks, don’t have much in common: one company rents empty buildings and converts them into office space, and the other sells home fitness equipment and streaming classes. Both, though, have prompted the same question:....
09/03 1784

The Windows 10 Privacy Settings You Should Check Right Now

Whether you're new to Windows 10 or have been using it for years, take a minute to lock down your privacy.
09/07 1190

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When Teamwork Is Good for Employees — and When It Isn’t

It doesn’t always make the dream work.
08/29 5668

What Is Wi-Fi 6 and When Will I Get It?

The new standard promises to improve the speed and reliability of your home Wi-Fi network. And it arrives as soon as this fall.
08/29 5628

Meet Miami’s world-class design culture

Dsc 0204

If you build a world-class design culture, world-class designers will come. Just ask Byron Gronseth, Director of Product Design for Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd, who’s been tasked with building a design team in Miami, Florida.

South Florida has not always been a destination for product design....
08/30 5603

Founders of Successful Tech Companies Are Mostly Middle-Aged

Some of tech’s biggest names had founders in their teens. But new research shows that for fast-growing start-ups in the U.S., the average age was 45.
08/29 4870

The Baroness Fighting to Protect Children Online

Beeban Kidron says tech giants exert too much leverage over young users and has pushed laws to change that. “It’s little Timmy in his bedroom versus Mark Zuckerberg in his Valley,” she said.
08/27 2674