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Apple and Facebook

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When it comes to the big four consumer tech companies —Microsoft’s decision to close its retail stores was the culmination of a step-back from the consumer space five years in the making — Google and Amazon have always had moats that were easier to understand. Google has a huge advantage in....
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How to Take Photos of Fireworks With Your Phone

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Use these battle-tested tips and camera settings to capture dramatic photos of those explosions in the sky.
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How Substack has spawned a new class of newsletter entrepreneurs

Alicia Kennedy is like many writers these days. A few months ago, the magazine for which she regularly freelanced cut its budget.

Kennedy, a food and beverage writer in San Juan, Puerto Rico, was at an inflection point in her career. Shifting away from typical food and recipe fare, she was....
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Does scrum ruin great engineers or are you doing it wrong?

The idea of the scrum framework is to organize a development process to move through the different project cycles faster. But does it always incentivize the right behaviours doing so? Many of the users who joined the debate around the question on Stack Overflow have similar stories of how....
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The evolution of HEY: from humble beginnings to a multi-platform email service

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Two weeks ago we released HEY into the world, the culmination of 2+ years of explorations and intensely focused work.

It goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway: inventing a new product from scratch is one hell of a challenge. It’s the toughest thing you’ll ever do as a product team. There....
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What comes after Zoom?


We had video calls in science fiction, and we had video conferencing in the 1990s, just as the web was taking off, as a very expensive and impractical tool for big companies. It was proposed as a use case for 3G, which didn’t happen at all, and with the growth of consumer broadband we got all....
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The End of OS X

Steve jobs wwdc 2002 death of mac os 9 g1slcaigkvq dvd.original

On May 6, 2002, Steve Jobs opened WWDC with a funeral for Classic Mac OS:

Steve Jobs Funeral for OS 9

Yesterday, 18 years later, OS X finally reached its own end of the road: the next version of macOS is not 10.16, but 11.0.

There was no funeral.

The OS X Family Tree

OS X has one of the most....
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The Complete Guide to Planning Your Day

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Most of us understand the value of planning and preparation. A sports match without a game plan means fumbling on the field. A big event without all the details in place leads to chaos.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” ― Benjamin Franklin

Despite this knowledge, we often fail....
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Product Work Beyond Product-Market Fit

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Fareed Mosavat is a Reforge EIR and former Director of Product at Slack, focused on growth in the freemium, self-service business. Previously, he led growth and product teams at Instacart and Zynga. Fareed is one of Silicon Valley’s foremost experts on product-led growth and has a deep....
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Never The Same

Things are different now.

They started to change in 2008, when Congress and the Federal Reserve threw unprecedented money at the economy to keep it from collapsing.

They’ve done it again this year with even more money. Trillions and trillions of dollars. It was a huge debate in 2008. It’s much....
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Best in 06/15 - 06/21


Apple, ARM, and Intel


Mark Gurman at Bloomberg is reporting that Apple will finally announce that the Mac is transitioning to ARM chips at next week’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC):

Apple Inc. is preparing to announce a shift to its own main processors in Mac computers, replacing chips from Intel Corp., as....
06/16 982

News by the ton: 75 years of US advertising


There are two ways you can talk about newspapers. You can talk about the ‘fourth estate’, and newspapers’ role in culture, politics, governance, the exchange of ideas and civil society. But you can also talk about newspapers as a specialised light manufacturing industry, that aggregated....
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Crossing the Canyon: Product Manager to Product Leader

Fareed headshot

Fareed Mosavat is a Reforge EIR and former Director of Product at Slack, focused on growth in the freemium, self-service business. Previously, he led growth and product teams at Instacart, Zynga, and other startups. Fareed is one of Silicon Valley’s foremost experts on product-led growth in....
06/16 745

Same As It Ever Was

This is a few short stories about things that never change in a world that never stops changing.

Things that never change are the most important things to pay attention to. Change gets most of the attention, because it’s exciting and surprising. But things that stay the same – how people behave,....
06/15 551

Pitching in the Pandemic

We’re in a global pandemic. The simple truth is that all venture capitalists have told their portfolio Founder/CEOs that if they don’t absolutely need to raise capital now that they shouldn’t be out there attempting to do so. Wait. Wait until fall. Wait until 2021. Wait until the situation....
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Container technologies at Coinbase

0*ekgxkpjytrocnx10 Why Kubernetes is not part of ourstack

By Drew Rothstein, Director of Engineering

TLDR: Container orchestration platforms are complex and amazing technologies, helping some businesses and teams solve a whole suite of problems. What’s commonly overlooked however, is that container technologies....
06/08 1312

Never-ending Niches

Niches 8

You have almost certainly seen this chart about newspaper advertising revenue since World War II:

The obvious takeaway is that the Internet killed what had been a profitable and growing business; what is interesting, though, is that circulation numbers tell a somewhat different story:

Time and....
06/09 858

What Is Good Retention: An Exhaustive Benchmark Study with Lenny Rachitsky

What is good retention original

At the end of 2019, I presented Eventbrite’s product plans to the board for 2020. These plans included a lot of the goals you likely have in your company: improvements in acquisition, activation, and retention. One of our board members asked: “I understand these goals for the year. But long....
06/09 426

Spark Joy by Running Fewer Tests


Developers write tests to ensure correctness and allow future changes to be made safely. However, as the number of features grows, so does the number of tests. Tests are a double-edged sword. On one hand, well-written ones catch bugs and maintain a program’s stability, but as the code base....
06/11 393

Product Management – Start Here

There has never been more interest in becoming a product manager. There has also never been so many strong and helpful voices that can help these aspiring product managers (at the end of this article I’ll share several of my favorites). However, there has also never been so much noise and....
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