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Complete list of tech and startup events in Singapore

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Mingling or gaining knowledge? We’ve curated for you the most comprehensive list of events in the tech and startup community, sorted by topic and date.
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Can We Live Longer but Stay Younger? 

With greater longevity, the quest to avoid the infirmities of aging is more urgent than ever, Adam Gopnik writes.
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The Pivot

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The iPhone is the most successful product of all time.

Over 1.6 billion have been sold. Including the iOS products it spun off, the total is over 2.2 billion. Of those 2.2 billion sold, 1.5 billion are still in use.

There are about 1 billion iPhone users.

Economically speaking, iPhone sales....
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Assholes Are Sometimes OK, But I Can’t Stand Weathervanes or Grin Fuckers

Screen shot 2019 05 13 at 4.40.39 pm

“Ugh, he’s such an asshole,” a friend sighed to me about a mutual acquaintance. I shrugged, and proceeded to explain my complicated relationship with some folks who I know are assholes, or selfish, or blowhards, or any other combination of qualities that can be disqualifying. “Yeah, but he’s....
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How Google’s New Layout Predicts the Future of SEO


When you think about SEO and what’s changed over the last 5 years, what comes to your mind?

Chances are, it’s something related to how it’s harder to get rankings on Google.

But why has it gotten harder to get more organic traffic?

Well, if you ask most SEOs, they’ll say it’s because Google has....
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LinkedIn is the New Craigslist

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The Coming Hyper-verticalization of Labor Marketplaces
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Google Fights Back

Screen shot 2019 05 08 at 9.45.21 pm 1024x572

For a company famed for its engineering culture, you wouldn’t expect a video at Google’s annual I/O developer conference to have such emotional resonance. And yet, just watch (I have included the context around the video in question, which starts at the 2:33 mark):

“I liked that very much.”

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Exponent Podcast: A Perfect Meal

On Exponent, the weekly podcast I host with James Allworth, we discuss Microsoft, Slack, Zoom, and the SaaS Opportunity.

Listen to it here.
05/10 251

Markets Are 10X Bigger Than Ever

Screen%2bshot%2b2019 05 08%2bat%2b9.00.53%2bpm Over the last few years the number of people and businesses online has ballooned. Spend on the Internet has grown rapidly as you can now reach billions of people, and hundreds of millions of businesses, in a frictionless way. While in the late 1990s people were scared to put their credit card....
05/09 142

How to Generate 100 Content Ideas in 60 Seconds (Seriously)


I have a question for you…

How do you figure out what you should blog about?

If I had to take a guess, you probably come up with ideas based on one of two strategies.

The first is to use tools like Ubersuggest to come up with a list of keywords.

But once you find popular keywords, you have to....
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One-on-ones are my most valuable meetings; here’s how I run them

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2005年のスタンフォード大学の卒業スピーチで、スティーブ・ジョブスは仕事について「たまらなく好きなことを探そう (You’ve got to find what you
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How to Outrank Big Companies When You Have No SEO Budget


There’s a formula to SEO and as long as you follow it, you’ll get rankings.

So, what’s this formula?

Well, you write amazing content, optimize your code, create a great user experience, and you mix in some backlinks.

Sounds simple, right?

Well, the formula isn’t too complicated, but it does....
04/30 181

Stripe’s fifth engineering hub is Remote

Stripe has engineering hubs in San Francisco, Seattle, Dublin, and Singapore. We are establishing a fifth hub that is less traditional but no less important: Remote. We are doing this to situate product development closer to our customers, improve our ability to tap the 99.74% of talented....
05/02 167

Benchmarking Slack's S-1: How 7 Key Metrics Stack Up

Slack zoom rev compare

Slack has transformed the way we work. By replacing email with beautiful and simple internal chat, Slack has productized productivity. Founded as a gaming company called Tiny Speck in 2009, the company’s initial product, Glitch, didn’t catch on as expected. So the business pivoted to....
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We Analyzed 8 Of The Fastest-Growing Personal Finance Apps Of All Time To Figure Out The Secrets To Their Success — Here’s What We Learned

Robinhood user growth

An explosion of new consumer finance brands is transforming how people save, spend, and manage their money.

Ninety-twomillion millennials will soon be in what Goldman Sachs calls their “prime spending years.” In aggregate, they command$1.3 trillion in annual spending. They have a deep antipathy....
04/24 971

What It Takes to Put Your Phone Away

Rather than establishing a set of rigorous habits, we may need to rethink our approach to life in general, Jia Tolentino writes.
04/22 909

Uber Questions

Over the course of Uber’s remarkable rise — very significant stumbles along the way notwithstanding — it has been more prudent to defend the company’s valuation than to question it. Look no further than the first Stratechery article about the ride-sharing “personal mobility” company, written in....
04/22 612

Google Walkout Organizers Say They're Facing Retaliation

Two employees who helped organize a walkout of thousands of workers say they've either been demoted or been told to drop concerns about ethics.
04/22 582

Mueller Makes It Clear: Trump Was Worse Than a 'Useful Idiot'

The special counsel's report exposes the extent to which not just Russia but Donald Trump's own associates grifted the president.
04/22 579