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How To Clear Out Your Zombie Apps and Online Accounts

All those services you signed up for but forgot about? They're a security risk. Here's how to get rid of them.
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Craigslist's Craig Newmark: 'Outrage is profitable. Most online outrage is faked for profit'


The founder of the online classifieds site is a survivor from the era of internet optimism. He has given significant sums to protect the future of news – and rejects the idea his website helped cause journalism’s financial crisis

As the Craig in Craigslist, the free online noticeboard that....
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The Simple Idea Behind Einstein’s Greatest Discoveries

Einstein’s theory of gravity and modern particle physics both rely on the idea of symmetry. But physicists are now wondering if symmetry has much more to offer.
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Shopify and the Power of Platforms

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While I am (rightfully) teased about how often I discuss Aggregation Theory, there is a method to my madness, particularly over the last year: more and more attention is being paid to the power wielded by Aggregators like Google and Facebook, but to my mind the language is all wrong.

I discussed....
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The Fight for the Future of YouTube

Neima Jahromi writes on TK TK TK
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The Hard-Luck Texas Town That Bet on Bitcoin—and Lost

China's Bitmain said it would build the world's largest bitcoin mine in Rockdale, Texas. Then the price of bitcoin plunged, taking with it the town's hopes for a revival.
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The Toxic Potential of YouTube’s Feedback Loop

Opinion: I worked on AI for YouTube’s "recommended for you" feature. We underestimated how the algorithms could go terribly wrong.
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Hitting the Books: Gravity's mystery may prove our multiverse exists

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Welcome to Hitting the Books. With less than one in five Americans reading just for fun these days, we've done the hard work for you by scouring the internet for the most interesting, thought provoking books on science and technology we can find and delivering an easily digestible nugget of....
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Seriously, you need to start documenting your UX work

Ux career project diary sarah doody

“I can’t remember what I did for that project, it was 8 months ago!”

“I can’t find all the artifacts and deliverables from the project.”

“I can’t get this case study written.”

If you can relate to any of these frustrations, then you’re not alone. I hear frustrations like these from my UX....
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Data Science at The New York Times


Chris Wiggins, Chief Data Scientist at The New York Times, presented “Data Science at the New York Times” at Rev. Wiggins advocated that data scientists find problems that impact the business; re-frame the problem as a machine learning (ML) task; execute on the ML task; and communicate the....
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