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How our home delivery habit reshaped the world


The great trick of online retail has been to get us to shop more and think less about how our purchases reach our homes. By Samanth Subramanian

A decade ago, the British department-store chain John Lewis built itself a long warehouse, painted in gradations of sky blue. The shed, as it is called....
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Firefox’s fight for the future of the web


With Google’s Chrome dominating the market, not-for-profit rival Mozilla is staking a comeback on its dedication to privacy

Why do you choose the browser you use? Maybe you think it loads pages more quickly. Maybe it’s made by the same firm as your device and you think it’s more compatible in....
11/17 1547

Google's secret cache of medical data includes names and full details of millions – whistleblower


Whistleblower tells Guardian of growing alarm over secret transfer of medical history data, which can be accessed by Google staff

A whistleblower who works in Project Nightingale, the secret transfer of the personal medical data of up to 50 million Americans from one of the largest healthcare....
11/12 824

Doom creator John Romero on what's wrong with modern shooter games


The id Software founder talks about secret rooms, the value of guns and what the controversial genre has lost since the 1990s

“Give us more guns!” is a common battle-cry among players of first-person shooters, the videogame industry’s bloodiest genre. Doom co-creator John Romero has a rather....
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How big tech is dragging us towards the next financial crash


Like the big banks, big tech uses its lobbying muscle to avoid regulation, and thinks it should play by different rules. And like the banks, it could be about to wreak financial havoc on us all. By Rana Foroohar

‘In every major economic downturn in US history, the ‘villains’ have been the ‘....
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Undercover reporter reveals life in a Polish troll farm


Katarzyna Pruszkiewicz spent six months running fake social media accounts at self-described ‘ePR firm’ in Wrocław

It is as common an occurrence on Polish Twitter as you are likely to get: a pair of conservative activists pouring scorn on the country’s divided liberal opposition.

“I burst out....
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Why you should worry if you have a Chinese smartphone


China’s use of technology for social control of its citizens is extensive – but it could affect users elsewhere too, says security analyst Samantha Hoffman

Samantha Hoffman is an analyst of Chinese security issues at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (Aspi). She recently published a....
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Safety first: the short, simple guide to securing all your passwords


If you log in to every website with the same details, you’re doing it wrong. Here are four easy steps to unhackability

It feels like it comes round earlier every year. Yes, today is bad password day, your annual reminder that you should install a password manager and randomise your passwords,....
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Without encryption we will lose all privacy. This is our new battleground | Edward Snowden


The US, UK and Australia are taking on Facebook in a bid to undermine the only method that protects our personal information

• Edward Snowden is a US surveillance whistleblower

In every country of the world, the security of computers keeps the lights on, the shelves stocked, the dams closed, and....
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Fortnite has reached The End – changing video game storytelling for good


Season 10 of Fortnite climaxed in apocalyptic fashion – sucking gamers into a black hole. Whatever the future brings, it has transformed video-game storytelling

On Sunday evening, more than 6 million people gathered online via streaming services such as Twitch and YouTube to watch the end of the....
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