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Staying Connected is Key to Your Startup’s Survival — Here’s How to Nail Internal Comms

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Even the smallest startups have a lot to gain from getting internal comms right. We've rounded up the Review's six most effective tactics for crafting crystal-clear messaging and facilitating feedback from your most important audience.
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NerdWallet’s CEO on Navigating the Shift from First-Time Founder to Seasoned Exec

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NerdWallet co-founder and CEO Tim Chen reflects on the arc of his journey as founder after more than a decade of company building. He shares the six mindset shifts he needed to make to transition from entrepreneur to executive as his startup scaled, weaving together a collection of lessons that....
08/12 440

The 6 Decision-Making Frameworks That Help Startup Leaders Tackle Tough Calls

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Startup leaders make tough calls every day. We spoke with 6 top operators to gather the tactics and strategies they use to make smart decisions under pressure, garner trust with stakeholders and execute with conviction.
08/01 795

From Zero to IPO: How Growth Needs to Evolve at Every Startup Stage

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There's no one-size-fits-all growth advice. Brian Rothenberg, former VP of Growth at Eventbrite, breaks down the three broad phases of the startup lifecycle. For each phase, he identifies key targets that startups should aim for to kick their growth strategy to the next level.
07/29 715

Our 6 Must Reads for Cutting Through Conflict and Tough Conversations

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Big ideas, strong-willed characters, impossible deadlines and close quarters — if you wrote out a recipe for conflict, it might bear an uncanny resemblance to the high-stakes, pressure-cooker environment of a startup. We spoke with top engineers, seasoned managers and experts in human behavior....
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I Asked 100 Founders, CEOs and VCs About Career Transitions — Here’s What I Learned

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After founding and scaling LendUp for seven years, Sasha Orloff decided to step down as CEO. He shares his journey and his illuminating takeaways about career transitions, structuring time off and founder life after the startup.
07/23 863

The Power of Performance Reviews: Use This System to Become a Better Manager

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Performance reviews are key to accelerating your report's career. A former Airbnb Product Lead shares the conversation template that he's used to build high-performing teams and motivate growth all year long.
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Mastering the Art of the Outcome: How Guru Turned Customer Success Into a Company Cornerstone

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At Guru, customer success is at the center of every aspect of company-building, from product design to sales strategy. Co-founder and CEO Rick Nucci shows how a relentless dedication to outcomes gives startups a competitive edge.
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The Inside Story of How This Startup Turned a 216-Word Pitch Email into a $2.6 Billion Acquisition

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Looker went from a single customer to more than 1700, from a small, scrappy team in Santa Cruz to a 700-person company spanning eight offices around the globe. Now on the heels of its acquisition by Google, co-founders Lloyd Tabb and Ben Porterfield, CEO Frank Bien, and first investor Bill....
07/02 1157

These Seven Emotions Aren't Deadly — They're Your Secret Career Superpowers

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It's time to do away with the myth that emotions don't belong in the workplace. With hilarious, relatable illustrations, Liz Fosslien shares how you can tap into anxiety, envy and other "deadly" emotions to boost your career and well-being.
06/24 557