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The Biggest Mistakes First-Time Founders Make

Y Combinator CEO and Partner Michael Seibel on the biggest mistakes first-time founders make.

Topics 00:10 – Solving a problem you don’t care about 1:00 – Helping users you don’t care about 1:40 – Choosing cofounders you don’t know well 2:20 – Not having transparent conversations with your....
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“Angels,” Angels, and VCs


I’ve recently noticed an uptick in the number of “angels” that aren’t actually angels. These investors are institutional funds (read, LP dollars), the details of which aren’t generally disclosed until the founder sees a strange entity name on the signature lines in the docs.

This is different....
08/12 240

How Biotech Startup Funding Will Change in the Next 10 Years


Back when YC was getting started about 10 years ago, Paul Graham wrote some essays that predicted the way startup fundraising would change in the next decade – accurately, it turns out. In short, Paul Graham predicted that there would be way more startups, that they’d be cheaper to start, that....
08/05 383

When to Shut Down a Startup

YC Partner and Tutorspree cofounder Aaron Harris on when to shut down a startup.

Read Aaron’s post On Shutting Down here.
07/29 80

Camille Fournier on Managing Technical Teams

Camille Fournier is a Managing Director at Two Sigma and the former CTO of Rent The Runway. She’s also the author of The Manager’s Path: A Guide for Tech Leaders Navigating Growth and Change.

You can find her on Twitter @skamille.


00:00 – Intro

00:35 – Why do many individual contributors....
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How to Manage a Board

With special contributions from Nic Dardenne

One of the most common questions we hear from founders is “How do I manage my board?” It’s something that provokes anxiety, because this is the first time the founder/CEO is subject to external supervision, and the board has powers that include the....
07/15 371

Announcing Startup School 2019


Today, we’re opening up registration for Startup School 2019, our free online course for founders looking to get help turning an idea into a startup. The 10 week course will begin July 22, 2019 and is free for everyone to participate. You can register at Startup School.

We will again be offering....
06/28 126

Investor Funnels for Series As

Our third batch of the YC Series A Program is wrapping up and the companies are kicking off fundraising. As we gear up for those raises, we wanted to share some things we’ve learned.

First, an update on Series As at YC.

In the last year, YC companies raised over $1.1B across 111 Series As. That....
05/29 219

Request for Startups: Government 2.0


In 2018, Pew Research Center reported that 57% of Americans believe that children in America today will be worse off financially than their parents. Since 2013, this number has been as high as 65% — even though we are experiencing our 10th straight year of economic growth.

We believe this....
05/21 122

Geoff Ralston for President

I’m delighted to announce that Geoff Ralston is taking over for me as President of YC.

I’ve known Geoff for almost ten years, he’s been a YC partner for eight, and I think he’s one of the most thoughtful, helpful, and kind investors in Silicon Valley. One of my earliest memories of Geoff is him....
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