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New Mac Ransomware Is Even More Sinister Than It Appears

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The malware known as ThiefQuest or EvilQuest also has spyware capabilities that allow it to grab passwords and credit card numbers.
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Crossing the Canyon: Leading Your First Marketing Team


BrittanyBinghamis the VP of Marketing at Guru, a collaborative knowledge management solution where answers find you--everywhere, every time. Previously, Brittany worked as VP of Marketing & Growth at RaiseMe and as Sr. Director of Growth Marketing at SurveyMonkey where she oversaw....
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How to Take Photos of Fireworks With Your Phone

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Use these battle-tested tips and camera settings to capture dramatic photos of those explosions in the sky.
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A plan to redesign the internet could make apps that no one controls

In 1996 John Perry Barlow, cofounder of internet rights group the Electronic Frontier Foundation, wrote “A declaration of the independence of cyberspace.” It begins: “Governments of the Industrial World, you weary giants of flesh and steel, I come from Cyberspace, the new home of Mind. On behalf....
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12 Essential Strategy Insights

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“Strategy, at its heart, is about choice,” write the authors of “Turning Strategy Into Results,” an article featured below, which takes a keen look at how leaders translate the complexity of strategy into guidelines that are simple and flexible enough to execute.

A winning strategy for an....
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How Substack has spawned a new class of newsletter entrepreneurs

Alicia Kennedy is like many writers these days. A few months ago, the magazine for which she regularly freelanced cut its budget.

Kennedy, a food and beverage writer in San Juan, Puerto Rico, was at an inflection point in her career. Shifting away from typical food and recipe fare, she was....
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Keep Running!

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Leigh Van Valen was a crazy-looking evolutionary biologist who came up with a theory so crazy no academic journal would publish it. So he created his own journal, published it, and the idea eventually became accepted wisdom.

Those kinds of ideas – counterintuitive, but ultimately true – are the....
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Netflix Studio Engineering Overview


By Steve Urban, Sridhar Seetharaman, Shilpa Motukuri, Tom Mack, Erik Strauss, Hema Kannan, CJBarker

Netflix is revolutionizing the way a modern studio operates. Our mission in Studio Engineering is to build a unified, global, and digital studio that powers the effective production of amazing....
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SpineNet: A Novel Architecture for Object Detection Discovered with Neural Architecture Search

Image3 Posted by Xianzhi Du, Software Engineer and Jaeyoun Kim, Technical Program Manager, Google Research Convolutional neural networks created for image tasks typically encode an input image into a sequence of intermediate features that capture the semantics of an image (from local to global), where....
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The evolution of HEY: from humble beginnings to a multi-platform email service

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Two weeks ago we released HEY into the world, the culmination of 2+ years of explorations and intensely focused work.

It goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway: inventing a new product from scratch is one hell of a challenge. It’s the toughest thing you’ll ever do as a product team. There....
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